Client Testimonials

We take extra care to ensure our guests have an absolutely amazing time in New Zealand and we love getting their feedback and photos of their tours. Read below what some of our clients had to say about their experience with The Road Trip. We’d love to make your trip one to remember too! So have a look around, get in touch and we can start planning your New Zealand Road Trip of a lifetime.

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5 Day Privately Guided South Island Tour – Couple

“The tour of the South Island was indeed a fantastic experience for both my wife and me. David Mitchell (Dave) was a competent driver, well-informed tour guide and, above all, became a good friend in the five days he took us round from Christchurch to Franz Josef, Queenstown, Te Anau and Milford Sound and the firefly display. We are elderly, 75 and eighty. You had tailored the tour to suit our physical condition. Dave fine-tuned it and was sharp eyed to our needs. He was faultlessly punctual at all times. Apart from the parks, mountains and the glaciers, Dave introduced us to a new experience: at pre-determined spots he let me collect mountain spring water for our consumption on the drive – “cool, refreshing and 100% pure drinkable water.” We are glad we opted for the customised itinerary and the Road Trip Team had put together a near perfect plan. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it a ten!

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Dato & Vija Kandan – Malaysia, November 2017

13 Day Privately Guided South Island Tour – Group of 4

“It was just a month before our trip, so I was kinda worried that they would not be able to arrange a private tour for us! Chris first contacted us to check out our preferences (i.e. places to visit, accommodation, farmstay) and provided us a detailed explanation of their services. Thumbs up for the professionalism, giving me much assurance needed. Chris was really patient with all my requests and queries, and that he had to changed our itinerary thrice! He replied promptly and we got our itinerary confirmed within a week! Another thumbs up for The Road Trip because Amy and Janelle were equally prompt with their response when I had queries regarding the accommodation or issue with my payment! I really like how organized The Road Trip was, where they had the different teams responsible for different tasks. Truly no regrets choosing to go on a private tour! Alex, our tour guide/driver, was more than just awesome! He was very punctual, understanding, flexible, knowledgeable, observant, helpful and a great driver! NZ is really gorgeous and the places that The Road Trip had planned out has definitely bring out the best of South Island! If I were to pick any highlights of the trip, I really can’t! I mean, every places that we’ve been to it’s a beauty on its own! Before I end this, just a shout out to everyone in The Road Trip, thank you for all that you have done for making this trip a wonderful one for my family and I! We are coming back for sure! There are so much more that we have yet to explore! Looking forward to the next time we engage The Road Trip again! Till then, take care! I will strongly recommend The Road Trip to my relatives and friends! And for anyone who’s reading this and considering a private tour, hesitate no more!

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Kai Xin – Singapore, August 2017

14 Day Self Drive Tour of Both Islands – Group of 7

“I’ve only have fantastic things to said about road trip. I’ve use their services for my family trip (consist of 7 people) to New Zealand for 14 days back in July 2017 period and those 14 days cannot go any better! Their fast response was not only in the beginning when we were developing the itinerary, but up until the day to day when we were in New Zealand. When we had any questions (where are the gift shop, where should we buy Manuka Honey or when you get lost), they will always stand by to help and answer your questions. And it doesn’t stop there, they also helped me in getting reimbursement from Europcar when it overcharged me. Overall, I will definitely recommend Road Trip to anybody who want to go to New Zealand. Two thumbs up!”

Richard Lokasasmita – Indonesia, July 2017

12 Day Privately Guided Tour of Both Island – Group of 5

“I can not say enough about our wonderful New Zealand road trip. I wanted to have a cruise-like experience so I would not have to stress out about the car, getting lost, driving on the left hand side of the road, accommodations, restaurant reservations, attraction reservations and tickets. On top of all this I needed flexibility as I was traveling with my 4 year old granddaughter as well as her parents and my 30-year-old son. I got all this and more. Constance was our guide driver, and she was awesome. She is a skilled driver and knew how to get around, even with roads closed on short notice due to earthquake repairs. She knew where every restroom and playground was along our route. We were able to break up long periods of driving for my granddaughter with a 30-minute stop at the playgrounds. Did I mention that you have not experienced a playground until you have been to one in New Zealand! We allotted 2 weeks for sight seeing and our itinerary included the South and North Island. We had a lot of ground to cover and Constance made it happen! We were mainly interested in the natural sights. We took a helicopter to the Franz Joseph Glacier, a boat trip on Milford Sound, nature hikes to rivers, mirror lakes, volcanoes, beaches, Geysers and more. We had adventures in Queenstown. Constance was able to schedule all of our adventures in one action-packed day!  I went hang gliding, side bar, I am 62 years old with back problems. It was fantastic! My son bungee jumped from a historic old bridge over a river filled with boulders. What a scenic way to risk ones life and give his mother a heart attack. We went to the Mount John Observatory. Amazingly, the sky was clear and we saw stars as well as galaxies! We stayed at Dunnbailin Sheep Farm in a 1920 remodeled school house with the most lovely family. We met their obese pet sheep called Polly who galloped across a field when called. I’ve been to many countries, and New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. None can surpass it for so many natural wonders in one country. It is a truly magical place. All of the hotels were excellent, the food was fantastic, and The Road Trip really allowed us to leave the planning in their capable hands and just truly relax.”

Cathy Karunaratne – USA, April 2017

5 Day Privately Guided Tour of North Island – Solo Traveller

“I had a wonderful time seeing the north island with Constance! I hope my silence has not come across as a negative—jet lag from the flight home knocked me out for a few days, then I had to catch up with work stuff, then it was my son’s birthday, and tomorrow I leave for my usual two weeks with a friend at her timeshare in Mexico. In other words, I’ve had little opportunity to focus on anything in particular, but do want to provide you all, and Constance in particular, with my very positive feedback about the tour. I never would have thought of myself as somebody who would go on a private guided tour of a foreign land. However, I wanted to get out and about from Auckland, was a little afraid of driving on a side of the road I’m not used to, and my friend and former co-worker Robin Nelson gave The Road Trip sterling reviews. So I went for it, and it was well worth it. I loved seeing a variety of landscapes and landforms, and not having to do all the trip planning and driving. Constance figured out pretty quick that my worldview is slightly askew, so she showed me all the best sites, like the giant carrot in the town that has an annual carrot festival (forgot its name, I don’t have the map in front of me), the gum-boot tossing lane at Taihape, and funky minigolf at Carlucci Land in Wellington. To say nothing of bouncing down a hill in a giant OGO hamster ball in Rotorua. And that was all gravy on top of seeing and learning about the land and the people and the history—had a great tour at Te Papa, don’t want to forget that, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with the folks at the sheep/cattle farm B&B. Oh, oh, and I got to see a kiwi bird tootling around looking for worms! (the kiwi was looking, not me) Particularly since I was travelling alone, I never would have seen and done all that stuff had I not signed up for a guided tour.  Highly recommend. I need to schedule a return to see the south island!”

Anne Marvin – USA, June 2017

9 Day Privately Guided Tour of South Island – Couple

“New Zealand was our honeymoon destination and it was a terrific one. We had the best honeymoon we wished for. After We spent few days in the north islands, the south islands were next! But we were a bit worried since there was a lot to see in dew days. And here come The road trip! Together with our SUPER FRIENDLY guide Constance we spent 10 amazing days, driving around the south, jumping from a town to another. 10 days we will definitely always remember. Every single detail was very well planned, every single step was accounted from. We stayed in the best accommodations and really enjoyed every bit of it. We had the best food and definitely the best time! Every town we visited had its charm. From Christchurch to lake Tekapo, from the spellbinding town of Wanaka to Te Anau, and the fantastic Queenstown and its surroundings, everyday we had a new gem to discover on the way. Truth is, if we didn’t take the road trip, we wouldn’t have seen all the great memorable things. Kudos to the whole team who were flexible and super friendly and planned everything according to what we loved to see and discover. A big Kudos to our Friend Constance who was had a story to tell in every location we visited, and had to go through my “STOP STOP! OMG this is where they shot LOTR” or “OMG a dead possum, let’s see it closely”. New Zealand was our honeymoon destination and The Road Trip made it awesomely Memorable.”

Michael and Rachel Haber – Lebanon, May 2017

21 Day Privately Guided Best of Both Islands Tour – Group of 12

“Just want to drop you few lines for job well done! Our group travelled around the world, we all agreed this was a most memorable and unforgettable journey we ever had!! David did an excellent job to drive us safely and in timely manner! Our trip was very complicated and detailed oriented, he managed to complete our trip in orderly and then some! Also thanks to your quick respond to our needs during our trip and solve all the issues that we had! We will definitely recommend The Road Trip to our family and friends if they are heading to New Zealand!!”

Betty NG and Group – USA, April 2017

47 Day Self Drive Tour of Both Islands – Couple

“We loved our time in New Zealand and found the country a great place to tour. Loved the local cafe culture that exists. We have had nothing but positive things to say to our friends who asked about our trip. The star gazing on Mount John, the yellow penguin reserve, Ulva Island bird tour, Mt Huia farmstay, Milford Sound and Hobbiton were all highlights of our trip. In fact all of the nature/animal tours rated very high on our list. But in truth we didn’t have many unsatisfactory moments. I also took a helicopter tour of White Island, not part of the road trip arrangements, which was awesome and I would highly recommend. The helicopter picked me up right at the black Swan hotel. We also managed to get up to Kaikoura for whale watching (got a tour to replace our cancelled Alpine train excursion). The self drive tour was the way for us to go as we were able to have a more leisurely tour than if we had a dedicated tour guide with us. Coming from the west side of Canada driving on the roads was not really an issue for me. In general we were quite pleased with the Road Trip and the service level that we received and have recommended your organization to friends who are considering a New Zealand Adventure.”

John Armstrong – Canada, April 2017

7 Day Privately Guided North Island Tour – Solo Traveller

“I had a wonderful experience in New Zealand, thanks to the great planning and to Tom’s assistance. I really enjoyed having my own personal guide/driver, and everyone I tell is jealous too. Tom did an excellent job! He is certainly knowledgeable about the country, nature and history; congenial and has a sense of humor. I felt as if I were traveling with a friend, even though I’m old enough to be his grandmother. And since I pretended to be “the driver”, I went to the wrong side of the car only a couple times. Tom was organized and I think you put together a great adventure for me. There was certainly a lot of variety and the days were planned flexibly and well. It’s difficult to identify specific highlights, everything was amazing. I would designate New Zealand – green. Coming from the desert, all the green was refreshing, besides, I believe New Zealand is considerably ‘green’ environmentally too. Of course, I enjoyed all the winery visits, and there were a lot. The geothermal pools, and geysers were impressive. I enjoyed the hikes and staying active, seeing waterfalls was great. The mountain landscape seemed ‘otherworldly’ at times, so that was impressive, beautiful. I’m happy we were able to drive through the mountains. And the sheep, of course. I had a great time getting to know the farm stay owners, that was a very pleasant evening. I hope this gives you an idea how much fun I had on my private tour of New Zealand. Thank you and each member of the team at The Road Trip. I’ve told several people along the way about you, people interested in traveling to New Zealand.”

Karolyn McCain – USA, March 2017

7 Day Self Drive South Island Tour – Group of 2

Sue Newborn Testimonial

“We had an amazing trip! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. We were so last minute in booking and yet you booked everything that we requested. Your office was so quick to respond to our e-mail and questions. You were also so accommodating in booking those activities in the North Island for us as well as add some driving routes. Our accommodations were outstanding. We were blown away with the view our first night in Queenstown and each night after that. I would have to say the best part of the trip was the driving. Each day brought more amazing views of an ever changing landscape. I wish the photos did the scenery justice, but it can’t. The weather didn’t cooperate for our Doubtful Sound trip but it was still fun. It also rained for the kayak trip, but Milford Sound with all the waterfalls because of the rain certainly made up for it and I won’t have wanted to miss that. We also got to see penguins and seals while kayaking. The day that we traveled from Wanaka to Fox Glacier was probably my favorite drive. The trip was supposed to be a 3 hour drive, but it took us 10!  We made so many stops that you suggested and won’t have wanted to miss a single one. The change in topography that day was stunning. To go from mountains, to the ocean with rain forest and then glacier was breathtaking. Although it rained the day we drove to Christchurch it was beautiful. This only makes me want to come back again. Each trip company from Glowworms, kayaking, Doubtful  Sound were amazingly professional, helpful and informative. We stuck to the road trip bible. We eat where you suggested and it never disappointed. We tried to do all the hikes that you suggested – loved the Kepler track and the swing bridge. Each day was filled from morning until night with amazing adventures. Ending in Christchurch at the beautiful hotel and dinner was such a wonderful way to cap off an outstanding adventure. Thank you!”

Sue Newborn and Friend – USA, March 2017

14 Day Privately Guided South Island Tour – Group of 3

Rieva Holbrook Testimonial

“Let me just say, that all of us believe that Constance is a treasure. She made our trip wonderful, able to juggle and balance and reshuffle so that we were able to do everything despite weather and other intangibles. I think that her ability to juggle all of the different parts of the itinerary as well as differing preferences among her guests made her contribution to our trip in valuable. I really think you could market that flexibility as a feature for your company if Constance is at the wheel!!!!”

Rieva Holbrook and Friends – USA, February 2017

10 Day Privately Guided Tour of the South Island – Group of 4

“If you are planning to tour New Zealand and are undecided between a bus tour vs. private tour…there is no comparison…. The Road Trip is the choice. With a simple description of our interests and physical abilities they designed a 10 day tour on the South Island which, led by Matt Osborne, turned out to be the best vacation we have every taken. We spent a total of 24 days on our trip and should have made our Road Trip segment a little longer. Matt met our every need and was most knowledgeable on all New Zealand has to offer. The scenery changes by the hour and the four of us (Acadian descent/Cajuns) were able to enjoy the mountain vistas as none of us had to drive. Matt stopped along the way at points of interest and the easy hikes to each waterfall or lake were as just as beautiful and enjoyable as the scene at the end of the trail. The Road Trip booked all of our lodging and we were comfortable each night. If the meal was not included, Matt always had suggestions and even made the reservations for us. If we had to choose one highlight, it would have to be New Zealand’s South Island overall…rain forests with the silver and wheki tree ferns, golden rolling hills with sheep, cattle and red stags grazing, orchards of grapes, apples, hops and the sparkling clean lakes etc. etc. etc. Request Matt Osborn when you begin planning your tour with The Road Trip! We love you Matt!!”

Mary & Stan Gauthier and Sandra & Kim Lastrapes – USA, March 2017

29 Day Self Drive Tour of Both Islands – Couple

Julia & Dave Warren Testimonial

“I’m not sure where to start with highlights of the trip – there were so many. We really enjoyed our stays in Paihia, Whitianga, Rotorua, Wellington (the Bolton Hotel is beautiful), Hanmer Springs (The St James was great) Franz Josef, and Wanaka (Lakeside Appts were great and the town was a real favorite). We took lots of hikes and had many delicious meals. We had a wonderful tour and lunch at Gibbston winery. We also enjoyed the Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, the Weta Cave tour, the Milford Sound cruise, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Ferry to Russell Island, Waitangi – Haruru Falls nature walk, boat tour of Whitianga bay, Hobbiton tour, Te Puia thermal village, the Wellington botanical gardens and various museums, the Rocky Mountain track in Wanaka (I think). Both cars were great and the ferry ride was beautiful. We really loved driving and taking in all of the views, and of course stopping frequently to take pictures. The people were all so nice, from the wait staff at the restaurants to the people we met on hikes, etc. Although we got off to a bit of a rocky start, the trip overall was wonderful.”

Julia and Dave Warren – USA, March 2017

14 Day Best of Both Islands Privately Guided Tour – Group of 4

“Let me start by saying that the tour you and your team put together for us was fantastic! We loved NZ with the south island and it’s many spectacular views being the winner and probably my favourite of our 62 days away. Highlights are almost too many to list but we really enjoyed the Kauri museum and then seeing the massive trees, the Waitangi grounds as well as the Rotorua cultural shows where great, the glow worm caves where very neat, the Hobbiton tour was very interesting, we quite enjoyed the Wanaka area and our stay at Dusky Ridges with our tour to Milford Sound was fabulous, the Queenstown area was fun with a great meal up the gondola and a very pleasant stay in Christchurch with it’s efforts to recover from such devastation. We really enjoyed the accommodations that you provided for us. Zeb worked very hard to ensure we seen everything possible on the islands even with my limitations and made sure that the rest of the group got to areas that where not possible for me. We where very pleased with his efforts and his knowledge of the south island is very evident as he could not wait to show us the next great thing/view on his list. When asked he was quick to solve/book anything we needed. In closing I can say that the Road Trip, you and Zeb did a wonderful job of showing us a piece of your beautiful New Zealand. PS. The beer is great in NZ. Cheers”

Gary Fair and Group – Canada, February 2017

16 Day Best of Both Islands Self Drive Tour – Couple

“It’s difficult to find the words to describe our trip to New Zealand…stellar? Beyond our expectations? Trip of a lifetime? All of the preceding, on so many levels, and in no small measure, thanks to the team at the Road Trip and the super itinerary you put together for us. We were a bit apprehensive about our accommodation given that we didn’t book until late October. That being said every one of the bookings you made for us was perfect even in the case where Janelle had to seek out a second option as the first suggestions in our itinerary were booked. When asked how we enjoyed NZ we’ve summarized it as: “Napa, Hawaii, British Columbia, Arizona, Vancouver, San Francisco and the Moon, all rolled into one – oh, and on steroids.” Given that NZ is on the other side of the world for us there is no way we could have possibly planned the self-drive itinerary for both islands, first-rate accommodation, attractions & meals on our own. We will be hard-pressed to match this vacation. Again, our sincere thanks. PS…We’d like to give a huge shout-out to Julie & Tony Dobbs who hosted our farm stay. Our only regret is that we couldn’t had have stayed longer.”

Dianne and David Pearson – Canada, February 2017

Exclusive Privately Guided South Island Tour – Group of 2

“Today is almost one week since we returned from our South Island NZ tour. I am taking this opportunity to compliment “the Road Trip” company for the well organized tour, to compliment Andrea for being very efficient during the long and rather complicated booking process. But above all, I wish to compliment one of your excellent employees, our guide/driver  Zeb Callanan-Sullivan.  Zeb was our ‘tour guide par excellence’. This appellation is truly merited. Zeb’s professionalism, knowledge flexibility and careful driving, added another very meaningful dimension to this trip. He conveyed and transmitted a strong feeling of pride for New Zealand landscapes and people. Of equal importance, Zeb was consistently pleasant, smiling, helpful, personable and receptive to the needs of me and my spouse Ronit. We are so glad that you chose Zeb as our guide. He enhanced a much anticipated occasion and helped to make this a truly wonderful trip. Thank you Zeb.”

Ronit Zalel and Alex Lavi – Israel, February 2017

16 Day Privately Guided Tour of Both Islands – Group of 4

“We had an extraordinary vacation in NZ, we were lucky to pick the right company which selected the best itinerary and tour guide Matt (Osborne). Matt was an excellent guide and He knows what he is doing and informative, helpful and really represent an excellent company representing the truthful vacation tourist choice. Your company and Matt combined made our trip unforgettable. We also thank Alex joining us at dinner the last night of the trip and we wished to meet all to say THANK YOU ALL. Thank you again and we will recommend you for friends wishing to visit NZ.”

Abdullah and Group – Saudi Arabia, February 2017

16 Day Best of Both Islands Exclusive Privately Guided Tour – Group of 4

“Recently completed our 16-day North/South Island tour of New Zealand. Clearly one of the scenic wonderlands of the world. The sites were spectacular; the hiking (aka trekking) was superb; the accommodations were excellent; the food was better than expected; the wine was far better than expected. There were four of us with our terrific guide Tom Stuart. Tom was knowledgeable, adaptive, prompt; an overall wealth of knowledge about everything New Zealand. He contributed significantly to the overall enjoyment of our trip. He was able to find out-of-the-way places to hike and/or view mountain vista or lake/ocean overlooks, or acqua-colored rivers; as well as unique, enjoyable restaurants. We would recommend him to all who are considering a visit to this wonderful country. There were so many highlights it is hard to select one as the overall favorite – Rotorua, Te Puia, Wai-o-tapu, Huka Falls, in the North. The South island with its’ many rivers and waterfalls and scenic hikes; along with visits to Punakaiki, Hokitika, Franz Joseph Glacier, Haast Pass, Lake Matheson Hike, the beautiful little towns of Wanaka and Te Anau, Doubtful and Milford Sounds, Fiordland National Park, Queenstown, Fairlie Farm stay and Christchurch Botanical Gardens. Wow – an amazing trip. Thanks to The Road Trip for their organizational skills and their assignment of Tom Stuart as our excellent, personable, fun guide. An adventuresome experience – – a memory maker for sure.”

Jim & Lynn Fritz and Rich & Jill LaBardi – USA, February 2017

14 Day Self Drive Both Islands Tour – Group of 6

“We have a fantastic time in NZ, thanks to The Road Trip! I have to say self-drive in NZ turns out to be easier than I initially thought and the 8-seater vehicle was the perfect size for our group, spacious enough for all of us and our baggage. All accommodation turned out to be great – nicely and adequately furnished and conveniently situated, the group’s favourite being the Ocean Resort at Whitianga where we had a plenty of room and the kids had a blast at the heated outdoor pools. The recommended dining places and photo stops by you guys have also proven to be very helpful indeed – thanks! We also thoroughly enjoyed the booked tour activities especially at Hobbiton, Tamaki Maori Village, Waitomo Glow-Worm Caves and the Queenstown rafting. The booked dinner we had at Stratosphere Restaurant, Queenstown was fabulous. We were very happy to spend our last night in New Zealand with the spectacular sunset views of Queenstown, image of which I’m sure will be etched on our memories for a lasting time. Thank you for recommending and booking this too! The itinerary, provided maps, recommended walks and guides was generally very well-planned and very informative, however we were not able to complete some of them due to time constraints. We also tweaked the itinerary slightly – we went to Wanaka lavender farm instead of Puzzling World, which turned out to be very enjoyable as well. =) All in all, we are very grateful to The Road Trip for the amazing experience that we have in NZ, and we will not hesitate to recommend your service to our friends.”

Emily Chung – Singapore, December 2016

14 Day Private Guided Both Islands Tour – Group of 2

“Alex was a great guide couldn’t have asked for better. Horseback riding and river rafting were the highlights.”

Angela Hoover – USA, December 2016

15 Day Self Drive South Island tour – Mother and Daughter

“Our trip was fantastic! Everything flowed nicely. The instructions for the extra walks, scenic walks and lookouts etc were right on the mark and were easy to understand. Unfortunately we didnt get to see everything – not enough time…Will have to come back another time – yeah! Our favourite accommodation was – as you said ‘ Dusky ridges in Te Anau , the Classic Villa in Christchurch & the Alpine View in Wanaka. We would thoroughly recommend and hope to go back there ourselves one day.”

Trish and Amanda Cameron – Australia, December 2016

8 Day Privately Guided South Island Tour – Group of 8

“NZ is amazing!! We loved every part!! But I guess the best would have been the surprise snow. We were disappointed that we could not do the star gazing or are the glaciers due to the bad weather and rain.”

May Kong and Family – Singapore, November 2016

18 Day Self Drive North & South Island Tour – Couple

“Thanks for a great trip. The train ride was great as well as the ferry to the South Island. It was worth the wait and I am glad I did not fly. The cruises at Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound were good but the weather was not. We left Queenstown a day earlier then planned due to rain and stayed at The Hermitage at Mount Cook . That hotel and location I would recommend and the weather was better. We booked a Premium room and had a great view. Also because we missed out on the Kaikoura whale watching we went to Akaroa and went on a Dolphin trip which was very good. We saw lots of playful dolphins. Weather was cool and wet much of the time so we may have to go back when weather is nicer, maybe March in some future year.”

Richard and Wanda Labelle – Canada, November 2016

6 Day Private Guided South Island Tour – Group of 1

Suzanna Pierce, USA, 6 Day New Zealand Private Guided South Island Tour

“My trip to NZ wasn’t Amazing it was EPIC!!!!!!!, more than I could ever imagine! every where that Matt took me was so outstanding. Most of all was my guide Matt Rushton, he made my trip EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!, he went out of his way, every minute, every hour, EVERY DAY who does that, Only The Road Trip, and Matt, (I bet all your guides are like that). Janelle thank you for going out of your way to helping me your so awesome! Please use the photos that Matt took, I am no good on the computer when it comes to attaching pics. I chose the best of the best , There could not be any one better than The Road Trip. I will definitely be back to NZ, I’ll let you know, my farm stay was amazing, my river rafting was out of this world!!!!, I LOVE NEW ZEALAND!!!! I hated to leave. Also Janelle, the icing on the cake was what Matt did for me, finding a outstanding Tattooist for me to give a traditional Maori tattoo, a silverleaf fern with a meaning so intense that it makes every one cry and myself still. I am so happy to post on face book, to let the world know about the “The Road Trip”. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!!”

Suzanna Pierce – USA, November 2016

8 Day Private Guided South Island Tour – Group of 8

Mohamad and Salleh Manit and Family, Singapore, 8 day private guided tour of New Zealand's South Island

“My extended family of 8 had a very wonderful and memorable 1st time vacation in NZ South Island from 14th to 23rd Oct 2016. NZ indeed had too much to offer….. From my first point of contact with Chris and later Alex, Janelle, Amy in your website via email, I can ‘smell’ that Road Trip can deliver the goods professionally. Through several emails and queries, I know my family will be having a good time with all arrangement being well taken care of by Road Trip while we are in NZ. I reckon the warm hospitality the moment we stepped out of Christchurch Airport upon being fetched and greeted by ‘Constantly’ Constance (as what my little boy nicknamed her due to her continuous professionalism, punctuality and promptness in arranging our daily schedule). She is a great guide, helpful, down to earth, respectful and importantly a great driver too. She shared and showed us a few good ways of NZ driving culture along the unending scenic 2100km that we had covered. She is always a safe and skilful driver manoeuvring the vehicle around mountainous terrain that we are not used to. Along the journey we got to know a little bit of her background that she writes and direct films…. saw her in You tube too. All the best to you Constance in pursuing your passion and dreams. You have been great with us. Kudos. The planned accommodations and places of interest were just stunning and very comfortable. The Shear-Vue Farmstay was our highlight. The big farm, barn, sheep, cows, chicken and their farm life shared by the host were indeed memorable and personal. The Dobbs family were just awesome. We do not have any big farms back here in Singapore. Lamb and beef can only be visible in the fridge and supermarket. Their hospitality was certainly very warm, kind and overwhelming. They were very respectful in serving us with our Muslim dietary requirement. The Dobbs family and farm stay got our 2 thumbs up. Thanks to Julie for the memory and best of health and wealth to her family. Heli Ride over the mountains was another awesome experience. The weather was cloudy and raining on our first few tries on different locations. But being Constantly Constance, she finally managed to get us on board on our last try in Queenstown. With good weather, we managed to land on Mt Luna and managed to grasp and play with the snow for a good 10 minutes and that was the very first time in our life walking on the snow too… LOL. The rest of the planned accommodations, activities and site seeing were just stunning and we were loving it. Bungy jumping was finally materialised only with with bungy watching…. LOL. Edgewater and Punga Grove got our 2 thumbs up. I intend to return and stay there a couple of nights in the near future. The kind NZ population, perfect cool weather, beautiful botanical gardens, endless mountains, lakes and streams, relax and scenic train ride to Arthurs pass, endless farms, sheep, cows……really mesmerised us that NZ had proven. The sweet New Zealand experiences brought by Road Trip made us want to return in the next few years’ during winter or spring season. My appreciation to the Team in Road Trip for making my family vacation in NZ a sweet success that we treaured. We are okay for Road Trip to publish our pictures and this mail in your website. My son will be posting more pictures in FB soon. I attached several pictures in this email. Thank you again NZ and in particular the Road Trip Team . God Bless.”

Mohamad Salleh Manit and Family – Singapore, October 2016

13 Day Private Guided South Island Tour – Group of 2

Amanda and Jim, USA, 13 Day Private Guided New Zealand South Island Tour

“Jim and I wanted to extend our sincerest THANK YOU’s for a wonderful trip to New Zealand. We are a little late getting our information back to you as we were also making the US move from Hawaii to Virginia so its been a bit hectic. We haven’t even had a chance to do anything with all of our spectacular photos. We wanted to say that we will write something on facebook as well but overall the trip was so perfect. Zeb was the perfect guide for us. I’m not sure how you pick the guides or match them up but I will say he was the perfect amount of there when you needed him and yet allowed us to have our own vacation as well. He was overly helpful in so many ways…the driving just seemed minor by end because his endless knowledge as well as willingness to work with what we wanted out of our trip was unmatched. He took extra trips up and and down mountains just to ensure we got the photo or the video we desired. He gave us options for more scenic paths from point A to point B and he managed to keep us entirely ontime without rushing us or making us feel like we were on a timed trip. It was just perfect for what we needed. Accommodations were great and were above what was expected at each location. The tours recommended and attached to the itinerary were great. The food in New Zealand was spectacular and we were able to always find what we wanted. The best food was at an new unknown location in Franz Joseph called the Snakebite Brewery and one day one at this little bar in Lake Littleton (or Littleton town). I am sure Zeb will have that on his future list. We could always find coffee and the breakfasts at the hotel were always on time and fine for what we needed to start the day. Our favorite attractions were the Heli-Hike at Fox Glacier and the Canyoning at Lake Wanaka. It was cold in October but something that should be on everyone’s list for sure. The observatory tour was very well done and we are glad we were able to fit that in. I’m also very happy that Zeb knew to take us to the hike where you could see Mt. Cook int the Lake. I think the next part we liked the most was the hiking, side trips and all the availability for photo graphs. Ironically the least liked location was Milford Sound. I can’t even believe I am saying this but I think I expected more and it was a boat ride with a pretty questionable kayaking tour in the middle. If I had any advice for future tour participants it would be to try to not overthink it and let The Road Trip plan the whole thing and then make “on the trip” changes based on what you want. We added some tours that were not on the original itinerary and I would have not done them if I had known and I feel like The Road Trip knew, but that was on us. Thank you again for a wonderful tour and an even better tour guide. Zeb made the trip what it was.”

Amanda and Jim – USA, October 2016

8 Day South Island Private Guided Tour – Group of 5

Fay Chong and Family, Malaysia, 8 Day Private New Zealand South Island Tour

“We had the most amazing family holiday ever! Thanks to Matt for being so attentive and creating so many great and memorable experiences for my parents. He is so knowledgeable, always coming up with ideas and recommendation spontaneously according to weather conditions. We would not be able to see all these breathtaking views without him. Importantly, thank you Matt for demonstrating the perfect bungy jump for us. Matt, great job!”

Fay Chong and Family – Malaysia, October 2016

Exclusive 8 Day Privately Guided Tour – Group of 2

Tamminen Family from Finland's 8 day Private guided tour of New Zealands South Island

“We had a wonderful journey around the Southern island with Alex and planned by Chris. We are very pleased with all we saw, happy with the experiences we gained and joyful with the memories we now own. You really live an exceptionally beautiful country! Alex made the quite long trip easy, safe and so pleasant and all was so well planned and organized. If you ever need our recommendations e.g. for Europeans we would be happy to advice everyone to turn to The Road Trip!!”

Tuula Tamminen and Group- Finland, October 2016

5 Day Private Guided Tour of Both Island – Group of 6

Sheha Omar and Family, Malaysia, 5 Day Private Guided tour of both New Zealand's North and South Island

“It’s been a while since we are back from the trip but I still think about it. such sweet memories. The trip was amazing and Alex was beyond perfect. Such a great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and took very good care of us. I felt really at home and didn’t wanna leave honestly. I came back home realizing the 5 days trip was actually too short and I’m planning to come back one day. 5 days are definitely not enough in a country as beautiful as NZ. The hotels chosen by The Road Trip was simply the best. They had the most amazing view. And honestly everything was just beyond perfect. We were very happy. Thank you soo much Janelle for helping me with the arrangements and everything. Alex really knew the best spots for photos! You guys are just simply amazing. Such a great tour company which I will definitely recommend to others and personally deal again when I’m visiting NZ in the future. Keep up the good work! Thank you soo much.”

Sheha Omar and Family – Malaysia, September 2016

South Island Private Guided Tour – Group of 6

Bev Talbot and Friends, New Zealand, South Island Private Guided Tour

“All of the group enjoyed the trip immensely. We saw the things we expected to see and as an extension saw things that enhanced our experience. Our accommodation and meals supplied were excellent throughout. The benefit of a guided tour verses self drive was undeniable and allowed everyone to experience the scenery without having to wonder about the road and where we are going to next. The size of the vehicle was also good as it gave us room to move. My personal highlight of the trip was the Banbury mine tour in Denniston. This was amazing. To hear first hand hand what it was like to work in the mine and what the life was like in those days was an eye opener. To experience the mine shafts and the atmosphere inside the mine was an addition that we probably would not have done on a self drive mainly because of the weather. The other attractions were also great and the talk with a 3rd generation Mitchell at the Mitchell’s gold mine was also good. Trish also found her roots in Greymouth. The group was also impressed with Dave who was never late. He also improvised well for our dinner and breakfast in Westport. As the trip went on Dave although always polite and helpful, mellowed a bit and seemed like he was enjoying the trip as well, hopefully that’s true. Dave also made sure that we had help for our person with mobility problems on boarding and disembarking on the Bluebridge. This was much appreciated. Just one little downside. Our accommodation in Greymouth although great for most of us, caused a bit of a problem for the person in our group with a walking stick, as our rooms were on the first floor and there was no lift. The stairs also only a hand rail on one side, both would have been better. As I said only a little downside and we got over that, slowly…… This was the only problem we had with accommodation. Accomodation great, meals amazing. I will be asking for a quote for a further trip shortly. This is an accolade in it’s own right.”

Bev Talbot and Friends – New Zealand, September 2016

10 Day South Island Self Drive Tour – Group of 2

Ang Chang and Quek Zhi Lei Kimberly, Singapore, New Zealand South Island Self Drive Tour

“The best decision that I’ve made for this trip was to book it with The Road Trip. The route maps and notes given to us was so detailed! Definitely exceeded our expectations. There was not a boring moment as there are so many suggestions and things to do along the drive. Our only regret is that we can’t afford to spend more time in NZ as we had to head home and back to work. The highlight of the trip was that everything is a highlight to us! Deeply appreciate it when some of the accommodation served us complimentary bottle of wine because they knew before hand that we were on our honeymoon. We loved everything from the whales and seal colony in Kaikoura, hot springs in Hanmer Springs, Heli-hike at Franz Josef, waterfalls in Milford Sound, Glow Worm caves in Te Anau, Stratosphere restaurant and having Ferg burger for lunch while overlooking Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown Garden, majestic view of Mount Cook, to the farm stay with Julie and Tony (They were wonderful host!). NZ is really beautiful, truly every corner is scenic. Thank you so much for your assistance when we ran into some hiccups at Hokitika. It is assuring to know that you are there to help us. In fact, I love NZ and you guys so much that I’ve recommended some of my friends planning to visit NZ to book their tours with you! Hopefully we would be able to visit NZ again in the near future and we will definitely engage The Road Trip again. Thank you and take care!”

Ang Chang and Quek Zhi Lei Kimberly – Singapore, September 2016

5 Day South Island Privete Guided Tour – Family of 3

Jenny Smart - New Zealand Guided Tour

“We had a fabulous time, Matt was an absolute star! Really helpful and knowledgable, always coming up with ideas of what we could do and managing to fill our time really well. Having a good sense of humour was a plus! We thought that the areas of Wanaka and Queenstown were, as the English would say, gobsmackingly beautiful, and hope to return one day to see the rest of the island. Seeing Mount Cook poking through the clouds was stunning, looking down from the gondola at Queenstown at the vastness of the panorama was breathtaking and fighting off the Kea’s from eating our food at Franz Joseph was so amusing. Really, I don’t think that we could have done better or had a better guide.”

Jenny Smart and Family – England, September 2016

15 Day North & South Island Self Drive Tour – Group of 2

Lulwa New Zealand Trip

“I can’t begin to express how amazing our trip was, and of course thanks to the road trip team who made our trip easy and possible. The choices of locations, activities and accommodations were beyond fantastic. The self drive trip was great but mostly challenging, especially driving up the mountains and taking high roads in different weather conditions, however, the scenery was breathtaking, especially routes recommended by you. It was easy to drive with GPS and we’ve made it to our destinations without getting lost or having to ask for directions. We’ve never imagined to see such beauty, the kind of beauty you see on postcards. And the people were very kind and helpful everywhere we went. Some of the highlights of the trip were Waitomo Glowworm Cave, Hobbiton, Te Puia in Rotorua, Whale Watching in Kaikoura, skydiving in Queenstown and our one night stay on a farm in Te anau. We wished the trip was longer than two weeks, but we are definitely going to do another road trip in NZ in the future. I am sure NZ still has more to offer, and I definitely recommend this trip to everyone. Thank you for making our trip such a memorable one.”

Lulwa and Her Mother – Bahrain, September 2016

2nd Guided New Zealand Tour with The Road Trip – Group of 11

Soesanti New Zealand visit

“New Zealand is absolutely beautiful! This year was our second visit to New Zealand with The Road Trip. We thought that the trip this year wouldn’t get any better than last year and seeing the same thing twice would be just dull and not as exiciting. We came there surprised that in fact what we see this year was different and equally amazed us. The variety and diverse nature, like sand dunes and etc, that we get to see in New Zealand brought us to a whole new different experience, which I think is worth it to go twice. Aside from the breathtaking view, the friendly attitude of the local people and the delicious food are another reasons that makes our trip very satisfying. Thank you for thoughtfully planning our itinerary as all left us speechless. Alex has done really wonderful job! I believe our trip woldn’t have been that great without professional tour guide, such as Alex. He always wants to to do his best to take us to see beautiful places and gives us the best service. Alex has been very patient and flexible with us. We can stop on the way, spend some times for taking pictures. This private tour of Oeij’s family trip has been really enjoyable and relaxed for everyone of us. In Bay of Islands, my children really wanted to go to sand dunes. Alex tried to make booking, but they had to leave very early the next day. That was a little bit hard, because we were still jet lag. But then Alex offered to drive us there and to Cape Reinga as well. It was really long trip . Thank you so much, Alex. So we all one whole family could enjoy going and playing at the sand dunes and visiting Cape Reinga. Those 2 places are actually out of the original itinerary. We went swimming with dolphins tour, but it has turned into whales watching. I really believe that it’s God’s miracle that we were able to see 3 whales and hundreds of dolphins, playing, swimming, and ‘dancing’ very close to our boat. Absolutely amazing. Hopefully we can go to New Zealand again someday. Again, thank you for your professional guide in helping us to create beautiful memories on this trip.”

Soesanti Oeij and Family – Indonesia, July 2016

Private Guided South Island Tour for 3

Riggs NZ tour review

“We are back in the US and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the wonderful tour you provided. What an amazing week we had with you. You made New Zealand a special place for us with your enthusiasm and knowledge. We really appreciate everything you did for us and your willingness to share your beautiful country with us for a short time. I am looking forward to sending clients your way. I know you will make me look like a genius for finding them the perfect tour guide! If your travels ever bring you to Kentucky, please contact me so I can return the hospitality.”

Sherry Riggs – U.S.A. July 2016

Private Guided 14 Day New Zealand Tour – Group of 8

Warren group tour review

“We had a SPLENDID trip!! Everyone in our group gives the tour 5 STARS! Our guide, Zeb, was terrific. He was very knowledgeable, personable and an excellent driver. Zeb was very good-natured and accommodating to our special requests. New Zealand is a beautiful country and the Kiwis are exceptional hosts. All of our activities not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. The sky of the southern Hemisphere is different than our own. I want to add that we loved the farm stay. The families of Julie and Jane was delightful and we also give them 5 STARS. We will definitely recommend you and Road Trip to our friends and we all hope to return.

Our 2 week trip to New Zealand was excellent! Our group was comprised of 8 world travelers who worked with Zicasso agent, Shannon Buchanan, to plan our itinerary with Road Trip. We booked a van and driver/guide to explore both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Our guide, Zeb was wonderful. He was knowledgeable, good-natured, patient and accommodating to our special requests. The most enjoyable or memorable part of our trip I think was our farm stay which was an outstanding experience. The two host families were most hospitable and we loved spending time with them at home and on the farm.”

Sand Warren – U.S.A. July 2016

New Zealand Wide Guided Tour – Tour for 2

Cecelia & Eric William - Singapore, June 2016

“We had a very wonderful time during our stay in New Zealand. It was a great experience for both of us. The lovely wide-open spaces, beautiful lakes and snowy mountains were just breathtaking. We were a little disappointed at not being able to see more snow but overall, we are very happy with the trip to NZ.”

Cecelia & Eric William – Singapore, June 2016

Private Guided South Island Tour – Tour for 2

Issam Al Jamali and Masooma Macki - January 2016

“Now we are back home safely, we can sit and reflect on the incredibly magnificent two weeks we spent in your magical country. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your company. You were more of a friend than a tour guide. Your knowledge about the places we visited and your willingness to show us more has left an indelible impression on us. The last week in the North Island went well. The train ride from Christchurch to Picton was comfortable and beautiful , absolutely beautiful scenery. Wellington was a very pleasant surprise and very active. Instead of driving to Tongariro, we decided to take the train and after two nights at the Chateau we continued by train to Auckland, a truly cosmopolitan big city without the craziness of big cities. Again, my mother and I would like to say thanks again and extend our invitation to visit Oman when ever you have the time.”

Issam Al Jamali and Masooma Macki – January 2016

Private Guided Tour of the South Island – Family of 4

Edward Santoso and Family - Indonesia, July, 2016

“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you so much for providing us a very enjoyable journey across the South Island. We must admit the scenery is really amazing and spectacular. New Zealand is a very clean and safe country to visit and the New Zealanders are very friendly and hospitable. Our tour guide Mr. Matthew Osborne was really a great person who has very broad knowledge about New Zealand and very friendly & helpful. Our daughter loved him. We strongly recommend him to your other clients. Last but not least, the Jones family were all very amazing and hospitable. They welcomed us with perfect meals and drinks and certainly the farm tour of theirs. Our children were very excited to feed the sheep. We really hope to enjoy your services again when we come back to New Zealand in the future.”

Edward Santoso and Family – Indonesia, July, 2016

New Zealand Self Drive Tour – Group

Hao Feng and Group, New Zealand Self Drive Tour

“The Road Trip team were fabulous from start to end. Even from the beginning the team was meticulous in designing our itinerary to fit our expectations and needs. The recommended sights, food and walks were excellent and the beautiful scenery of the country at every corner makes it extra special to do a road trip at our own pace and time. It was a pity we could not finish all the listed recommendations provided by The Road Trip but I guess that’s an excuse for a round 2! Thanks Janelle, Alex, Chris and The Road Trip team for being a huge part of our experience in NZ. Appreciate it.”

Hao Feng and Group – 2016

Exclusive 7 Day South Island Self Drive Tour – Family of 5

Pamela Marchadesch and Family, Phillipines, 7 Day New Zealand South Island Self Drive Tour

“Hi The Road Trip! Hello Alex! Well, the family and I are back in the tropical paradise we call home – the Philippines. Boy, is it hot here! 30 deg C. haha. We would like to thank you and your group for putting up a challenging but doable and a definitely unforgettable itinerary. We travelled 1700+ KMs through the south island. Took off from Christchurch and crossed the finish line at Queenstown on a 7 day self drive adventure. Alex personally met us at the airport and made sure we had the van, the GPS, our luggage, snow chains, and the indispensable A4 THE ROAD TRIP ITINERARY/BIBLE! Thank you Alex. My initial challenge of driving on the left – “correct” side of the road was anxiety-filled the first couple of days, but became almost instinctive as the journey trodded on. In fact when we got back to Auckland, we rented a small car and drove to Hamilton, haha. The driving was, for me, my highlight. Where I am from, we share the road with slow pedicabs and the road hogging jeepneys. That relates to travelling 90KMs in almost 2 hours! What a respite driving on NZ roads – 130+KMs in 90 minutes! The roads were in very good condition and safe! Directions and signs clearly marked and easy to decipher. The scenery – beautiful, pristine, just like a postcard. Snow capped mountains 360 degrees. Vast fields with sheep, cattle, deer, and the occassional llama. On our morning drive from Te Anau to Milford, we witnessed a most beautiful “white” scenery in Eglington Valley. The valley floor, the trees, bush were all frosted and white. The mountain range rising behind the valley also slightly frosted at its foot but snow capped at the top. It was surreal. Dreamy. It was as if Gandalf the White had just crossed the plain and cast a frosted spell on the place. Stunning. We had to stop even if the outside temp was 0 to -1C! I also commend the Road Trip for putting us up in fantastic accommodations. From a B&B with our own aunt Noni of the Classic Villa in Christchurch, the plush apartment of Edgewater in Wanaka, to the stunning view laden suite of Peppers Beacon in Queenstown. My kids are always the picky ones when it comes to places to stay. With where you put us up – nada a complaint! Unfortunately, with the “hectic” schedule, we didn’t enjoy them much. *sigh* We’d get in from the drive always past 7pm and leave the next day before 9am to run to the next destination. The itinerary was a challenge. We tried to take in as much of what the “BIBLE” suggested we see and do. But alas, having to cover long distances between destinations (500KM in one day between Kaikoura and Frans Josef!) and having to make it in time for the booked tours, we had to choose to make sure we do and see the major attractions and make the additonal stops to coincide with eating 🙂 and restroom breaks. But we did THE MUST DO’s and they were great! You guys were right. 7 days isn’t enough. We’ll do the 10 next time!!! haha. Oh, and another thing. We did not anticipate the shorter daylight time of winter. So the days started later and the sun set much earlier. It was beginning to get dark a bit past 5pm. Next time — we do the trip in SUMMER! So, would I recommend a self drive! BIG YES! I’ve joined bus tours and I never FELT I was involved. My being able to drive the tour on my own has given me the opportunity to put more meaning into the travel. It was not just the destination – t’was the JOURNEY! For some of you reading this write-up, contemplating on doing a self drive tour with The Road Trip, think no more and just do it! These guys are great. A BIG THANK YOU again ROAD TRIP. We all agree, we had a blast!”

Pamela Marchadesch and Family – Phillipines, May 2016

13 Day North & South Island Private Guided Tour – Family of 3

Ho family New Zealand Tour

“Firstly, our great appreciation to The Road Trip team of Chris, Alex, Zeb (Our Cool, Professional and Dedicated Guide), Reservation Team (D’Arne Haines) and Accounts Team (Amy Evans) for making our journey of sightseeing and exhilarating activities in New Zealand a hassle free, seamless, transparent, completely relaxing and satisfying experiences. New Zealand is indeed a magnificently beautiful and panoramic country. Of all the private and group tours that we have taken in other countries, this is exceedingly the best and most memorable private tour conducted by The Road Trip for my family. Zeb has been terrific with ever steady hands on the wheels to ensure road safety throughout the journey without any incidences and he possesses sound knowledge of history, culture, food and value for money venue to purchase Manuka honey and non tourist sight attractions, in particular his intimate familiarity with South Island. He is also resourceful as there were occasions that we could not stick to the scheduled activities due to bad weather or time constraint, he would have something interesting up his sleeves such as bringing us to other spectacular sightseeing attractions and activities as replacement to continue our adrenaline journey. One classic example was his perseverance in making the skydiving materialized for my daughters at Glenorchy which was on the second last day of our tour. Without hesitation, we would recommend The Road Trip to our friends who love to travel.”

Matthew Ho and Family – Singapore, April 2016

9 Day Privately Guided South Island Tour – Group of 3

Guided Tour Photos

“Our guide Matt (Rushton) was fantastic! His recommendations were spot on and we had a fabulous time in the South Island. 9 day trip seems so short. Thanks Matt, for being such a great guide. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the moment.”

Liew Su Lyn and group – Singapore, March 2016

15 Day Privately Guided Lord of the Rings Tour – Family of 4

Bill Anderson and Family, USA, 15 Day Privately Guided New Zealand Lord of the the Rings Tour

“The tour with Matthew was spectacular, probably even better than we thought. We had a pretty aggressive itinerary and Matt (Osborne) was able to make it all work. He was incredibly prepared in locating all of the often obscure filming sites so we were able to move to each of them much more quickly and efficiently than we could have on our own. Plus, we were able to spend as much time as we wanted at all of the sites, an important point to people as thorough as we are. As some of the filming locations were difficult to find even with the guide book, I would suggest that you document Matt’s first-hand knowledge of the filming sites so that other guides can easily locate these sites on future tours. Matt was an excellent and safe driver with incredible endurance. We would never have been able to do all that driving on our own. He was also incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable. His familiarity with restaurants and shops allowed us to eat wonderful, local specialties and purchase locally made crafts for some great gifts for family back home. When presented with requests of an eclectic variety (such as helping us locate a Blackcaps banner or a metal Kiwi lawn ornament), Matt was able to deliver. Because of Matt’s extensive knowledge of culture, history, politics, geology, economics, and cricket, we also came home with a great appreciation for New Zealand as a whole, not just the filming sites. Altogether, Matt gave us a trip that was memorable, breathtaking, interesting, enjoyable, and, most importantly, our own. Thank you to you, Matt, Hannah, D’Arne, and Amy for a truly wonderful experience. When we return to New Zealand, and we will definitely be back, we will be sure to hook up with you again.”

Bill Anderson and Family – USA, February 2016

12 Day Privately Guided Tour – Group of 4

Boris Testimonial - 900 x 180

“Thank you very much for the most enjoyable tour of your wonderful country! To say that we loved it is an understatement. It was superb and Alex Jones did a lot to make it happen. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, considerate, polite, careful and tireless person and on top of all this, just the nicest guy with a great sense of humor!
I do not know where you found him, but he deserves a raise!! Thank you again. I gave the most glorious report about you to our local travel agency specializing on Australia and NZ, Discover Down Under.”

Boris Dranzin and group – USA, February 2016

Best of Both Islands Exclusive 17 day Self Drive Tour – Couple

New Zealand Roads

“My wife and I just finished 17 days in the N and S islands and with the guidance of The Road Trip we had a wonderful time. Their professionalism and commitment to helping us experience the full spectrum of vistas and hair pin turns throughout the to islands made for a wonderful vacation. The difference in a self drive tour has to be that they know the good places and have cultivated relationships that make for very positive experiences. New Zealand is a wonderful country and New Zealanders are wonderful people. We have been on a very wide variety of trips and this has to rank as one of the top three experiences up with Australia and China. Thanks Chris and Hannah for making it all possible.”

Mike and Karen Teeley – USA, January 2016

Testimonials 2015

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