Imagine being surrounded by the pristine scenery of the Shotover Gorge near Queenstown, New Zealand. You gaze 109 metres down at the Shotover River as it flows its way down from Skippers Canyon. This is part of the general area that featured in The Lord of the Rings movie series but is also home to one of the most extreme adrenalin packed adventures in the region, ‘The Canyon Swing’.

Standing on the edge of the platform you are fitted into a seat harness and twin rope. Your heart is beating in anticipation as you think about which of the many manoeuvres you will undertake. There are over 70 jumps available and some of these include ‘The Chair’, Gimp Boy goes to Hollywood, The Cutaway and pin drop among many others. The dedicated fun loving staff will be sure to make your adventure a memorable one as they prepare to release you on your 60 metre freefall into the unknown. 3, 2, and 1 you’re off. You fly downward at an incredible rate toward the Shot over River before the rope smoothly swings you into a 200m swing. What a rush!

One of our guides, Alex, recently got the opportunity to partake in this awe-inspiring experience. Watch with anticipation as he takes the plunge!

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