Mrs. P Travels Interviews Chris Cameron – Owner/Operator of ‘The Road Trip’

Chris, A 30 year old, bachelor with a keen interest in cycling, running and exploring the great outdoors. He also loves a good beer may I add! Being the owner/operator of the fresh, new tour company ‘The Road Trip’, Chris is going to give us an insight, revealing secrets about his company and what New Zealand has to offer.

Chris, Tell us about your company ‘ The Road Trip’?

The Road trip is a privately owned and operated Tour Company, specialising in both guided packages and Self drive itineraries to suit any group regardless of the size! Each group has their own private vehicle, with driver and a local tour guide full of local expertise and experience.

The self drive packages are fully customized as required, where we provide a detailed itinerary, with sightseeing notes, directions and even a 0800 number if any help or advice is required. We can even assist and book your accommodation and activities planned out along the route.

The Road Trip is all about seeing and hearing everything New Zealand!

What exactly is luxury?

Luxury in my opinion is tailored to the individual’s tastes and preferences, being all about the individual experience! A lakeside suite and a chilled glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ‘What more could one ask for!

What inspired you to start ‘ The Road Trip’?

A certain personal event occurred in my life about a year ago and then whilst sitting on a flight returning to New Zealand from the UK, I realized with my years of around the world guiding experience and a real passion for travel, I could actually make ‘The Road Trip’ happen and make a positive impact on people touring New Zealand – That’s where it all started really.

How do your tours and service stand out from others on the market?

Our tours are very personalized and tailored to our customers’ requirements – just take a look at our client testimonials.

We are not mass marketed or commercial – that’s what makes the difference and why we stand out.

Are children welcome on your tours?

‘The Road Trip’ is definitely a family friendly focused company, with lots of children and babies that have taken our tours in the past. We cater to your individual needs!

Where is your favourite destination in the world?

It has to be ‘Wanaka’, in the South Island of New Zealand. It has everything you need, yet still has that untouched feel about the place!

In your opinion what is the hidden gem of New Zealand?

I don’t really want to give this away! Ha. We visit so many hidden gems of New Zealand on our tours, but my top one has to be the ‘Hollyford Valley’ in Fiordland. You get a real remote feel whilst walking in the bush and among the waterfalls. The mountains meet the sea there!

What is the best food you’ve eaten whilst travelling and where was it?

This is a hard question and has taken me a while to consider, but it has to be a five-course degustation meal I had whilst in the French Alps, comprising of duck prosciutto, goats cheese tartar, Blanc de Blanc lavender granite, Beef fillet, finished off with a delicious crème de Brule and a selection of cheeses. After a long day of biking, there is nothing more satisfying.

If you could have one famous person on one of your tours, who would it be and where would you take them?

That’s tough….. Ok, I would invite Sir David Attenborough because of his love of nature and the outdoors and his close interest and all his work with National Geographic,  on a tour of the Milford Sound and the Fiordland. I think he’d enjoy it!

What’s your top travel tip for readers?

My top tip would be to get off the beaten track; the best spots often require a little hard work to get to or a bit of a walk.

So what can we look forward to in the future with ‘ The Road Trip’?

We have developed some great New Zealand private ski tours which are available this winter and we’ve also introduced the ultimate, top end, luxury product, which you can find out more about on our Luxury Tours Page.

We are also exploring new countries, and plan on taking  The Road Trip brand to new heights. Such as Thailand!

With your extensive worldwide guiding experience and exciting itineraries, I feel a place on one of your tours is quite a hot seat. How can readers find out more and book on to one of your trips?

Visit our website and fill in the contact form or give us a call, with your requirements and we can make your holiday possible!

You can also keep up to date with all our news on our Facebook page:  

Interviewed by: Mrs. P Travels, a travel blogger!

DP Born in the mountainous North Wales who has immigrated to New Zealand! After plenty of exciting adventures and a bucket list bigger than any bucket! I have an avid passion to write & share both past and present experiences with you all! Always trying to satiate my mountain climbing addiction, whilst seeing the sights around the globe!