Road trips are getting more and more popular among tourists who get bored of the usual guided tours of the norm.

Here at the Road Trip, we feel that a self-drive holiday is not as crazy as what people say and it can be a very memorable experience thanks to the freedom and flexibility it gives you to travel in places like New Zealand.

In addition, New Zealand has extremely well-designed road structures compared to other travel destinations. You can travel from hotspot to hotspot with relative ease thanks to good traffic flow.

There is not an experience as wonderful like having a holiday without having anything to worry about.

With a self-drive tour, you can avoid waiting for public transport, move large baggage with ease, and simply get in your car and get off to wherever you want at your own pace.

This contrasts heavily compared to guided tours where you might be combined with other people that you don’t know, with only limited amount of time at each attraction and little freedom to go off and do your own thing.

Below are 5 reasons why self-drive tours in New Zealand are the best!

1. You are free to do whatever you want in a New Zealand self-drive vacation, seriously!

new zealand lakes

The idea of a road trip is great regardless of whether you’re an independent tourist or not.

While guided tours usually have a fixed itinerary that is selected by providers to include the best locations in the country, there is something special about moving around on your own with your family and making your own memories.
In a nutshell, a self-drive vacation gives travelers total freedom and control in their itinerary for the trip. This option is also a good choice for travellers who don’t like the idea of a fixed itinerary as it can be quite rushed and stressful if you don’t have much time.

2. New Zealand’s atmosphere is made for self-drive tours

new zealand nature exploration

New Zealand is the best country to go for a self-drive tour thanks to its picturesque views and wonderful surroundings.

The most rewarding experience of driving yourself to hotspots in the country is that you have the opportunity to interact with locals and attractions that are otherwise not available with guided tours.

Instead of hearing the stories from a tour guide, you get the firsthand experience of actually talking to locals who live and bleed for the country.

The Northland Region, a region deep within New Zealand, is one example of a place with a rich cultural heritage of New Zealand’s Maori people which you cannot experience if you travel with a tour.

3. You get to go to places where guided tours can’t bring you

new zealand fiordland

Driving yourself in New Zealand gives you the unique opportunity to get on the path less traveled in the country; it will also give you the freedom to explore what makes a certain hotspot famous without the boundaries of a tour schedule.

For instance, nearly 40% of New Zealand is classified as a national park which means there is more than 35,000 sq km of landscape with natural sceneries that are unmatched by any other country in the world.

One of those places includes The Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands, which is made up of 144 islands in total, is regarded as the place to go in New Zealand for water activities like fishing, diving, and extreme watersports. It would take you roughly 3 hours by car from Auckland.

Besides dipping your toes in the water, you can also try scuba diving in Paihia’s (one of the bay’s more famous islands) famous scuba diving classes. There, you’ll be able to spot marine life unique to New Zealand and hopefully catch a sight of the island’s famous sperm whales.

4. You get to travel with people you know instead of random tourists


Sharing your holiday with a group of tourists, regardless of whether you are acquaintances or not can be a coin toss.

On one hand, it could be the best moment of your life; it can also easily be one of the worst experiences you’ve ever had while traveling.

If you’re already spending so much on a trip, wouldn’t it make sense for you to minimise your risks of meeting a loud and annoying or pesky stranger during your holiday?

Of course it makes sense!

A self-drive tour solves this by literally giving you the freedom to choose who you want to go on a trip with. If your family is large, guided tours are usually not a choice as spaces are limited unless you go with a private one.

5. You don’t have to rush or stick to a set schedule

new zealand beautiful landscape

Scheduled tours only run on particular dates and last for a certain period of time and if there aren’t enough passengers, occasionally they cancel the tour all together!

On a self-drive holiday you can travel for as long as you want to the dates that you want and spend as many days in each region as you wish to.
Besides, you don’t have a fixed itinerary that you have to follow on the trip. This means if you like a particular place (like Christchurch, for example), you can spend the whole day there and not worry about other people.

The freedom in scheduling is also great for tourists who hate to rush from one place to another and enjoys spending some time in tourist spots. Hence, self-drive tours are perfect for families or honeymoons where enjoyable traveling is the #1 number priority.

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