Wendy & Lonnie who hail from Seattle were on a mission to see as much of NZ’s wildlife as possible.

Taking in the usual sights of the South Island, they also ventured further south to explore the rugged Catlins plus crossed the Foveaux Strait to visit Ulva Island and Rakiura/Stewart Island; Aotearoa’s third largest island.

Their tour with Constance enabled them to have close encounters with whales, fur seals, sea lions, the rare yellow-eyed penguin, cute little blue penguins, tuatara and other feathered creatures.

Lonnie, an amateur ornithologist had a lot of luck and not just with the weather.  Hopeful that he would spot at least 20-30 species of birds on his two week trip, he was absolutely ecstatic to encounter 79 species; 62 of which where “lifers”.

Lonnie also heard but did not see a Morepork or Yellowhead, nor did he sight a Yellow Crown Parakeet but one highlight was the Kiwi in the wild that tapped his boot with it’s beak.

So if you want to get up close and personal with nature in NZ, book your road trip now.