Looking for your next spring break destination?

How about New Zealand?

New Zealand? Better than Mexico? You can’t be serious.

Yes, we are serious and it’s not an exaggeration.

New Zealand is a gorgeous country and it can be visited any time throughout the year.

So, if you’re undecided as to when to come to New Zealand, why not visit during spring break?

Is it the right time for me to visit New Zealand?

While spring break is a wonderful choice to visit New Zealand, you may want to visit the island some other time if spring break doesn’t fancy you.

How do we suggest you to choose when to visit New Zealand?

Here’s how:

Figure out what season interests you most

New Zealand Queenstown

Some activities in New Zealand can only be enjoyed during certain seasons. For example, skiing is best done in winter, not so much in summer.

Certain mammals and wildlife (such as whales) will also be prominent and easier to spot compared to other seasons so it’s entirely up to you to decide when you want to come.

Usually, we suggest coming during winter or summer as there are plenty of fun activities like the Queensland Winter Festival during winter or massive parties and celebrations summer during summer.

Spring and autumn are usually best visited by tourists who don’t like crowds and want to take their time traveling the island.

Do you enjoy or avoid crowds?

If you’re someone who hates peak periods, definitely avoid summer and winter. Those seasons are also New Zealand’s holiday periods which means more crowd and tourists especially in tourist hotspots.

If you enjoy the rush of massive crowds, feel free to come before the start of winter for the best experience.

How much are you willing to spend?

While New Zealand does not really have a low season (much like Hawaii in the US), it’s important to understand how much you are willing to spend in your travels and how that reflects in your budget.

Expect a 10%-15% price hike in peak periods as well as the same percentage in discounts during non-peak seasons.

We suggest going with a private tour to get the best prices for your accommodation, trip activities, and everything else related to your trip.

Visiting New Zealand during spring break

Spring break is in March for US tourists which coincides with autumn in New Zealand.

Autumn is generally one of the quieter seasons in New Zealand in terms of activity so you shouldn’t expect a crowd (which is a good thing if you’re a fan of peace and privacy) but don’t get bored yet.

It is still a good time to visit New Zealand and the weather is just right to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities – not too hot, and not too cold.

What are the best experiences in New Zealand?

Enjoy Auckland’s amazing activities and nightlife

New Zealand Auckland SkyTower

Auckland is New Zealand’s urban hotspot which is surprisingly surrounded by beautiful greenery and fantastic buildings. Many tourists come to Auckland at least once in their travels and it’s not hard to see why.

At night, Auckland boasts a nightlife as good as major cities like New York or Tokyo with its bars and interesting eateries all around town.

One of the main attractions to look out for is the SkyTower, a large observation tower and one of the tallest structures in the region. At night, you can pay a small fee to ride an elevator to the top of the tower.

Not only will you have an amazing sight of the city, there’s also a revolving 5-star restaurant at the top with some of the best cuisines in New Zealand.

Want to get down?

Try out the tower’s free falling jump; it’s exciting and borderline heart-stopping.

That’s not the only gem of the city.

A quick ride from downtown Auckland is Mount Eden, one of the more popular cycling and jogging tracks in the city. Like the SkyTower, the top of Mount Eden is another accessible spot for you to catch a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Back at Haraiku Gulf, the island is home to a wide array of flora and fauna unique to New Zealand. Haraiku Gulf is also popular as tourists get a chance to see New Zealand’s mighty whales right in front of their eyes.

Enjoy the beachside over at Waiheke Island

New Zealand Waiheke Island

If you miss out on spotting the whales, head over to Waiheke Island, a scenic island famous for its species of animals and wildlife.

After you enjoy the seaside, take a trip on one of the island’s vineyard tours to have a look at more than 100-year old vineyards which houses some of the most exclusive wines ever produced.

Want a taste?

Just ask!

The locals are more than happy to let you try their famous wines and if you get the whole package, you have the unique opportunity to indulge in every, single bottle of wine on the island.

Get your blood rushing in the capital city of the world, Queenstown

As you go down south, you’ll find yourself in Queenstown. Surrounded by a beautiful mountain range in the backdrop of the city, Queenstown houses many exciting activities which gives it the capital city of the world moniker.

In the city, you will find the world’s largest swing at AJ Hackett Bungy, where bungee jumping was pioneered. If bungee jumping is too much for you, there are boats around the area to bring you along the rivers.

Queenstown is also famous for its burger eatery, Fergburger. It’s highly-rated in many travel magazines and has also been nominated (and won) for many food wards.

Every burger is a delight; from your basic cheeseburger to fancier recipes such as the Big A which has half a pound lb of all-natural New Zealand beef, crispy bacon, melt in your mouth cheese and a variety of salads.

Try to come early though! At peak hours, the line stretches down the street even when it’s cold outside. Thankfully, Fergburger is open 20 hours a day so you have all the time in the world to feast.

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